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Alma Leiva

Producto Centro Americano: Made In Honduras

Alma Leiva 

Installation with sound,

size variable 

Materials: Metal, wax, LED lights, fabric, paper, metal thread.


Photos credit: Rame Rampson


In Producto Centroamericano: Made in Honduras, The sense of loss is present in the empty spaces where photos have been ripped off the identity cards representing each "desaparecido" (disappeared). These individuals were kidnapped, tortured and murdered in Honduras in the 1980's for political reasons. The last few cards represent the disappeared after the 2009 military coup, and hint at the return of the practice.The clothes, covered with candle wax, hanging from metal chains and meat hooks, represent the remnants of the few ones found.The LED lighting is reminiscent of church candles. The wax represents the innumerable candles lit by the victims' loved ones prayingfor their return. The metal frames containing the cards, the metal thread which attaches the cards to the frames, the chains and meat hooks are allusions to imprisonment, torture and murder. The found sound presents the viewer with interviews with survivors and family members of the victims, as well as with Ronal Reagan’s 1980’s speech on the danger of left wing movements in Central America.

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