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Video Animation

Duration 19;30


Alma Leiva in collaboration with Adriana Corral

This work was produced for the exhibition

"Un-Titled" at The Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, IN

"Un-Titled" explores the geography of violence and the psychology of human perception. In order to create a converging territory that is informed by crime statistics directly related to violence and the documentation of homicide, it concentrates on specific regions. The cities of Chicago, Illinois, Juárez, Mexico and San Pedro Sula, Honduras, are considered murder capitals of their respective countries. 


The work challenges one to consider subjective territorial boundaries approaching death through the concept of the afterimage.  Unfolding the impact of violence geographically in each region, its perception over a three-year span reveals an escalating reality that is processed through time and distance. The statistics represent the particles that make up the delineated regions, eventually creating a subjective territory, morphing into one entity that encases the magnitude of the violence.

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