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Alma Leiva

En La Celda (Inside The Prison Cell)

Documentation of site-Specific installation

Running time: 1:46 min

Stills from video loop (Found footage)

Found footage loop running time: 6:39


Documentation of installation ©Rame Rampson



In En la celda (Inside the Prison Cell) and “Producto Centroamericano: Made in Honduras”, there is a sense of loss that haunts the spaces. In En la celda, this is present in the disconnection between the familiar and inviting aspect of the space and the violent graphic footage looping on the Television set. The recreated newscast reminds the viewers of the reality outside of the safety of
the home, thus robbing them of their peace of mind and subjecting them to becoming prisoners of the circumstances. The smell of coffee, which is one of the main export products in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, and which is drank at funerals in Central America, saturates the space giving the viewers another element associated with the culture.

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