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Site-specific sound installation 

Green Space Gallery, Miami FL

Donated erasers, blackboard, chalk, found sound, website

Dimensions variable


A room of his own

A room of his own: notes to DeSantis, is a site-specific installation that includes sound and a website. Through a memorial, a chalkboard and other elements, the work presents a multi-sensory experience and a growing archive in response to Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis’, violation of Sunshine laws ( 2021 cover-up of Covid-19 data, including 900 infections two weeks after schools reopened in August ) to advance a political agenda including the infamous ban on school mask mandates. Since reopening, many schools have shut down and more than 100 school workers and students have died.


The installation consists of two walls covered with chalkboard erasers (most of them donated by local schools) to memorialize the victims. A small chalkboard on another wall, presents viewers with mostly smudged out 2021, COVID-19 data.

The erasers, used to erase the data, resemble a storm cloud pattern– only receding in random areas to reveal the names of the victims while a DeSantis speech on the ban alternating with a reading from the sunshine manual echoes throughout the space. Willing participants are encouraged to contribute by submitting their stories in response to the project through the website.

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